Our Mission

BlockTrage is dedicated to providing its clients with a robust investment vehicle that protects wealth as it transitions from a fiat-based investment model to a digital/cryptographic model. This comes at a time, where Uncertainties in global trade policies, cast a huge doubt on the money/securities market, creating the need for the flow of wealth to safer investment options. BlockTrage Capital is committed to Wealth Preservation and a Sustainable accumulation of capital through a robust risk management system and highly efficient investment methods dedicated to providing a consistent and sustainable return on investment periodically.

Our Edge

We are specialists in the crypto markets. Having observed closely the advent of cryptocurrencies, we have systematically studied its development with a keen and objective interest in understanding better, the utility of the underlying blockchain technology and how it can improve global financial practices as well as serve as an investment gateway to realize profits on behalf of our investors. BlockTrage Capital has evolved specialized trading methodologies that have passed through various market cycles that have occurred in recent times in the financial market and have adapted a dynamic market approach that ensures that its investors have a quantifiable and consistent return on investment through various market cycles including protracted bear markets.


Cryptocurrencies since the advent of bitcoin have proven to be a stellar and reliable investment asset when it comes to making impressive returns. Bitcoin which is the first and dominant digital asset has made a 5 years ROI of more than 1000% and is poised to make even more gains. Various tokens across the asset class have also enjoyed tremendous growth in price since inception, and even though volatility and adverse market conditions abound, there still exist ample opportunities to make good money in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies present the most rewarding investment asset in contemporary times. The practical applications of cryptocurrencies are boundless, billions of dollars have been invested in companies building new businesses on top of these cryptocurrencies. We believe that there is potential value in investing directly in the cryptocurrency networks.


For the past 5 years, BlockTrage has been actively involved in the research, development, and maintenance of quantitative trading analytical tools specialized for seeking and trading highly probable arbitrage opportunity in the crypto market, drawing from the experience of the best minds that come from various fields of the financial market.

The Blockchain Arbitrage Capital Fund is the first public fund to deliver a time-weighted investment portfolio suited for both long term and short term investors while also keeping the barrier of entry low for small scale investing. BlockTrage first public fund is an arbitrage fund that uses sophisticated trading strategies to target a steady average monthly return of 12.41% across our various investment plans. BlockTrage Capital’s team of experienced quantitative analysts have built a market-tested proprietary, algorithmically driven investment method to identify and trade the most profitable cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities in real-time.

BlockTrage Liquidity BlockTrage Goal BlockTrage Wealth
STRATEGY High Frequency Algorithmic Passive Spot Trading. Actively Managed Crypto Derivatives Trading + HFAT Trading System. Advanced and Dynamic Crypto Portfolio building.
FOCUS Clearly Defined Arbitrage Opportunities Across Top exchanges. Identifying Arbitrage Opportunities in Cryptocurrency futures, options, swaps, and other derivatives. Identifying Directional Bias in Market Sentiment and Wealth Accumulation.
STARTING AT $2,000 $20,000 $200,000
Duration 30 Days 3 Months 12 Months
AVERAGE ROI 12.5% 60% 330%

Getting Started

Membership in the Blockchain Arbitrage Fund is represented on a personalized member area where a daily fund report is made available for the investors benefit.

To subscribe to any of BlockTrage Plans, the investor is required to create a BlockTrage account first through the Registration link. An email verification will be required to activate the newly created account.

After verification, the investor is required to go through the different investment schedules before choosing one which is most suited to his fiscal needs.

After selecting a schedule and a plan the investor is required to make a deposit corresponding to his preferred plan, Deposits take an average of 1 Hour before it is reported on the investor's member area. Once deposits reflect the investors capital will be cued up for the next arbitrage trade opportunity and earning commences immediately a trade is successfully closed and the profit reported on the investor's dashboard.

Eligible Investors

How to Invest describes how to invest in the Fund. It operates with the expectation that investors fit the following criteria:

  • All investors must possess an active cryptocurrency wallet and an understanding of the process of sending cryptocurrency and receiving tokens.
  • Understanding of the risks involved in the cryptocurrency space, particularly those not related to price action, since the Fund's strategy minimizes that risk.